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The Calm Before The Storm Everyone Is Ready My Lovely Wife Patsy Smiling Jim Brown
Buzz Martin Darlene Getting An Early Christmas Present What Is It? Looks Like A New Quilt From Patsy
Can You Keep A Secret Don't Tell Carolyn Jim Welcomes Roaalie Bellamy Darlene Jennings
Brother & Sister Brother In Law Joe Richbourg With Darlene & I. Barbara Todd with Don Brown and SIs Williams Ramsay Bob Joyner
Bob Gets A Smouch From Darlene Gretchen & Richard Abney Bill & Rosalie Bellamy Buzz Martin
David & Lee Gravely David & Cheryl Todd Randy Anderson & Carolyn Mates Waters Joann & Richard Crumpler
Darlene & Bob Joyner Regina Dorman Shearin Lewis & Paula Morgan Mike Davis & Trina Wilson