Judy's April 2015 Party

Sissy, Becky, Randy, Paula, Roasalie, & Lou  Becky Bellamy, With Rosalie Bellamy & Lou Spann  Susan Lokey Wittschen With John Paul Sessions And Wife Gail 
Billy Bellamy & Angus Wittschen  Jim Spann Gets Cake From Shirley Lambe  Patsy has a wine and brownie 
Arnie Webb in good colors.  The Guys,  Ron Lambe, Jim Spann, Bill Bellamy with Deck & Carolyn Dargab  Randy Anderson Has Becky's Attention 
Looks Like Judy Has Randy's Attention Also  Morgan & Paula Lewis with Shirley Lambe  Sissy Lackey Bolstad & Donna Dorman Long 
Looks LIke The Kitchen Is The Place To Be.  Becky & Bill Bellemy & Carolyn & Deck Dargan  Arnie & Angus 
The Hostess With The Mostest, Judy Van Osdell  John Paul & Gail Sessions with Lou Spann  Ronnie Lambe & Paula Morgan 
Morgan, Shirley & Jim