Seahawk Luncheon April 10, 2015

Faculty Member John Taylor Checking In. Debby & Susan Kearns Wadley John Taylor's Daughter Debbie with Susan, Steve, Bill Bellamy and John Taylor Our Name Badge Staff, Stacy Lowe & Buz Martin
Seahawk Luncheon Staff, Patsy Jennings & Jim Brown Larry Wadley & Randy Banks Susan Lokey WItchen, Angus and John Taylor Susan Lokey Wittchen, Angus and John Taylor
Bob Joyner & Angus Tim & Todd Chestnut Bob Joyner, John Taylor & Buddy Styers Morgan Lewis & Ron Lambe Check In
Regina Dorman Sherin, Tommy Merrell & Donna Dorman Long Mikey Faust Hough & Morgan Say Hello Ronnie Lambe & BJ Thomas speak with Mike Marlowe (sorry Mike) Ronnie Lambe with Diane Dukes Marlowe & Mike Marlowe
Bill & Rosalyn Clontz, with Helen Hussey Parler & Mary Alice McGeough Owen. Eric & Patrcia Haselden Mikey Faust Hough, Carolyn Mates Waters with Judy Angell Van Osdell. Olivia Dorman Cox with Louise Copeland
Stoke Cromley, Pam Edmundson, & Mike Faust Seahaw's Enjoying Lunch Seahaw's Enjoying Lunch Seahaw's Enjoying Lunch
Sis Williams Ramsay & Bob Joyner Enjoy Some Cake Patsy Like The Cake Also BFF's Darlene Jennings & Carolyn Mates Susan & Angus Wittschen
Eric & Patrcia Haselden Louise Copeland with Friend Tom Hodges The Many Faces Of Rick Johnson The Many Faces Of Rick Johnson
1962 Classmates Louiise Copeland & Olivia Dorman Cox Mary Alice, Thomas & Leon Morgan & Paula Lewis Regina Sherin & Kaye Merrell, Just Had To Put These Two Photos In.
Regina Sherin & Kaye Merrell, Just Had To Put These Two Photos In. This Is For Fun Ya'll Todd & Tim Chestnut Shirley & Ronnie Lambe JoAnn Stack, Stacy Lowe, Buz Martin, & Linda Lack Cooper
All Alone Am I, Judy Angell Van Osdell, I think here tablemates went for cake. Bob Joyner with Erick Haselden & Sissy Lackey Bolstad Here They Are Back Together, Sissy, Donna, & Judy Patsy Kugler Smith & Sis Williams Ramsay
Bob Joins In Gretchen Abney, David Gravley & Bo Bryan Bo Bryan & Mikey Faust Hough Richard Abney Lots Of Cake (Thanks Tim)
Mikey, Stoke, Randy Randy & Pam Susan Kearns & Larry Wadley John Taylor & Daughter Debby Weaver
Steve Mims & Susan Kearns Wadley Helen Hussey Parler & Randy Banks BJ Wilson Thomas I liked Both Of Them
Rosalyn & BIll Clontz Bill & Rosalie Bellamy Randy Banks & Tommy Merrell Bob, Bill & Judy Check Out A 1955 Seahawk Annual, They Were Sub-Freshman Then
Short Video Of Seahawk Luncheon