Seahawk Luncheon Dec 18 2015

Jimmy & Joyce Watching The Money Seahawk's Arriving Jim & Joyce Taking Care Of Business More Seahawk's Arrive
Beverages Ready Buffet Ready Tables Ready For Class of 1965 Cake Ready
Class Of 1965 Table Ready Thank You Tim Chestnut For The Wonderful Cakes all 3 of them Thank You Tim Chestnut For The Wonderful Cakes all 3 of them Gretchen & Richard Abney
Hellen Hussey Parler & Keith Salvo Darlene & Randy Buzz Greets An Old Friend Randy, Gretchen, & Randy
David Todd & David Gravely Stockman Richard Abney Working Hard Tommy Merrell & Helen Hussey Keith Salvo & Yours Truly
Lois Chapman Wilson Lois, Teena, & Lynda Gretchen, Lois, Teena, Lynda, & Darlene Gretchen, Lois, Teena, Lynda, & Darlene
T. Hills Todd & Dana Chestnut Bunny Hampton Mack Lynda Taylor Courtney & Jenny Jones
David Gravely, Bo Bryan, Richard & Gretchen Abney Johnny Butler David with Myrtle Gause McGill Bill & Peggy Sigmon with Bob Joyner
Gretchen, Sammy, Teena, Myrtle Cheryl Todd & Jenny Jones Cheryl, Jenny & Mrs Marrs Bo & Sammy Pay Up
Dianne Singleton, Johnny, David & Cheryl with Mrs Marrs Louise, Helen, Mary Alice, Olivia, Ricky & Dianne Class of 1962 Chris & John Ed Copeland, with sister Louise Copland and her husband Tom Hodges John Ed Copeland with Sister Louise Copeland
Angus & Susan Wittschen Angus & Susan Wittschen Tommy & Pat Merrell Tommy & Pat Merrell with Regina Dorman
T & Gloria Hills T & Gloria Hills Lynda, Sis, & Lois Kent Jensen & John Taylor
Deck Dargan, Eric Hazelden & Kent Jenson Ellen Graham Edwards, Margie Gray, & Judy Van Osdell Twins Ellen & Ellenor Graham Bob Joyner & Bill Sigmon Jr.
Seahawks Getting Back Together Looks Like A Hunting Story To Me Darlene Says Merry Christmas Eli "Butch" Lackey & Lavon Owens (Charley Over Slept)
Keith & Cherie Compton Roger Holcombe & Nikie Singleton with Keith & Cherie Teena Skeen DeBerry, Glo & T Hills, & Barbara Todd Darryl Hammond, Lavon Owens & Darlene Jennings
Nena & Robin Loud with Charlie Floyd Lawrence &  Jenny Jones, David Todd, Johnny Butler, Pam Edmundson, Melanie Ripple & Lee Jones Russ Class of 1965 Seahawks Keith Salvo, Bob Joyner, Bill & Peggy Sigmon
That's Me Running My Mouth President Class of 1965 David Gravely Congratulating His Class On Their 50th Anniversary Class of 1965 Seahawks Gretchen Lights The Cake
1965 Graduates All Smiles President Gravely Is Called To Blow Out The Candles Pat & Tommy Merrell Gretchen Abney Presents the Cake
Gretchen Abney Presents the Cake David Blow Out The Candles <h1"font-size:85% Sammy, Lynda & Lois
Phil Hayes, Sis Ramsey, Don Brown, Buzz Martin Bo Bryan Adds Another Number To His Little Black Book with Melanie Ripple JoAnn Stack and Jim Render Bob Joyner
Teena, Sammy, & Lois Thanks For The Can Goods For Hope House Everyone